Medevac from Norwegian Troll Station

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

One of our colleagues at the Norwegian Troll Station was injured in an accident. A male mechanic suffered a complex leg fracture. He is in a stable, non life threatening condition. Troll is a small Antarctic research station with only six winter-overs. They are working to clear the airfield for the medevac to South Africa.

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This is a trying time, especially for such a small, close-knit crew. Best of luck to them. I have been here for two winter medevacs from our Station and I was also involved in a the rescue of a Troll station crew member who got injured in a snowmobile accident in 2001 and was flown by a German aircraft from Troll to the South Pole and then on via McMurdo to Christchurch on a LC-130.

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Belated Cryo Run Video

Monday, November 5th, 2007

I am getting ready to leave the South Pole (if we ever get some flights). There is a lot of activity like moving, packing, sending boxes and cleaning up my computer accounts. While sorting through files on my computer I stumbled upon a video of a cryo run I took in March. I never posted it. Hey, better late than never. “Cryo Nick” is the driver and I just hang on to the dewar, holding the camera, and trying not to fall off.

We pick up the big 250l dewar from BICEP, drive over to QUAD to pick up a couple of 100l dewars and then make our way across the skiway to the cryo facility.