Things are Looking Up

Finally, things are looking up! Obama has won the election and we are getting flights in!

Our satellite connection went down before the polls closed and we had to get the results via phone from McMurdo. They were put on the big displays in the galley during dinner time and people were positively cheerful.

I think most of the people here took this election more serious than most and made an effort to cast their votes. Absentee ballots came in on the first Basler flight and left with the next one, to make it back to the US in time for the election.

Absentee ballots

I have a feeling that South Pole was very strongly in favor of Obama. This is the place were Ralph Nader won the mock election eight years ago in a land slide.

A very optimistic feeling was permeating the Station last night. On top of the election results we had a good weather forecast and two LC-130, one Basler, and one Twin Otter flights were scheduled. Looks like most of the winter-overs will be leaving.

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