Open for Business

After a few days of weather delays we received the first plane load of passengers. Most of them were seasoned veterans who, along with the FNGs, received the typical warm South Pole welcome right on the flight deck.

Here they come

Welcoming old friends

Luggage transport

It is quite common to play some sort of practical joke at Station opening and somebody put a “For Sale” sign up to greet the new arrivals. Sign greeting the new arrivals

The plane carried enough Southern hemisphere influenza vaccinations for a all of the winter-overs. Three of us were leaving on the same plane and received their shots just before boarding. The rest of us went to the galley to get our shots.

Flu shots arrived with the plane

and were promptly given to the winter-overs

This was also the first time that we had a Sunday dinner service. Our population shot up to 74 and South Pole’s crazy season has begun.

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