Going Postal

It is the time of the year when empty cardboard boxes are in high demand and people start asking around for packing tape. Another post office day had people lugging their boxes up to the galley. Of course all of us procrastinators used this last post office day before Station opening and there was quite a long line at times.

Post office

Post office 2

A lot of cleaning, we are talking deep cleaning here, like your mom comes to visit, is going on as well. Adit tackled the project of shampooing the carpet in the galley, which had the side effect that a) we had this nice wet puppy smell, and b) we had only one half of the galley to sit. The later threw off the carefully arranged seating order which had been established all winter :-), which is probably a good thing. With summer tourist season upon us it is high time to adjust that personal space.

Carpet freshly shampooed and floor buffed

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