Medevac from Norwegian Troll Station

One of our colleagues at the Norwegian Troll Station was injured in an accident. A male mechanic suffered a complex leg fracture. He is in a stable, non life threatening condition. Troll is a small Antarctic research station with only six winter-overs. They are working to clear the airfield for the medevac to South Africa.

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This is a trying time, especially for such a small, close-knit crew. Best of luck to them. I have been here for two winter medevacs from our Station and I was also involved in a the rescue of a Troll station crew member who got injured in a snowmobile accident in 2001 and was flown by a German aircraft from Troll to the South Pole and then on via McMurdo to Christchurch on a LC-130.

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One Response to “Medevac from Norwegian Troll Station”

  1. Brett
    October 9th, 2008 02:35

    Great blog, its very strange to read of things that are happening in such a remote place.