Desperate Measures

I haven’t gotten around to posting anything here since the sunrise weekend. This is the time of the year when things are getting pretty busy. Work is picking up with requests coming in for special schedules to be run or things to be looked up to make sure everything is in place for the last summer season of BICEP.

It is also time to start packing. I have been coming to the South Pole since 1997 and lot of stuff has accumulated over the years. So there is a lot of sorting and boxing things up going on.

Does the cookie plane make the real plane come faster?

It is also time to think about what to do after getting off the Ice. My belongings are spread out over four different places, in three different countries, on four different continents. Snowboard gear always seems to be where it is summer and scuba gear were it is winter. Airlines become more restrictive and tickets more expensive all the time. It has become a bit of a logistical challenge to move the stuff around and it requires the dreaded “planning ahead”. My colleagues in the US have been sending my dive regs for service, received my shipments, and have been recruited to carry stuff down to New Zealand for me. They are a great bunch and things would be a lot harder for me without their kind help.

I’m also gearing up for a major multi-moths motorbike trip and started to buy gear for that one as well. Things are pretty cheap in the US compared to Europe right now and I rather buy things there and pick them up on my way to Europe. It seems no matter what I do my credit card gets blocked and I get an early fraud warning all the time. I guess I just don’t have the average usage pattern. I have put in a lot of calls to friendly Indian customer service reps who insists their name is Bob or Jim, or some other three letter name. With the limited internet connectivity we have this has become a fun activity and I’m getting used to the Indian accent, which will come in handy once I reach India :-)

Some folks are getting really anxious to get out of here. One guy in particular keeps trying to get on one of the earlier Basler flights. So in an attempt to appease the goods (or is it the flight schedulers), some airplane cookies were baked (pictured above). Bill probably never wants to leave but he was happy to pose with a cookie.

Now here is a guy who never wants to leave

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