Sunrise Dinner

Hard to believe that it was already time for the sunrise dinner. The weather wasn’t cooperating but we had a great evening anyway.

JT III contemplating, or just staring off into space

The Amazing Menu

Those of us trying to get in shape for the Speedo season didn’t have much of a chance. There was such an amazing variety of food in large quantities that kept coming by that it was inevitable to over stuff yourself and then eat some more.

Big feast

Shaun and Steff, pretending to have fun

Heidi, eating a whole pie again while Michael is poking fun at her

Dave, our machinist, made a commemorative coin for everyone. It had our name and winter-over serial number engraved. The current generation of newcomers are in the 12 hundreds. I have a number in the high seven hundreds. Bill has the lowest number of us all, way down in the four hundreds.

Uh-oh, shiny object!

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