Sun, Songs, and Almost -100°F

Our local musicians decided it was time for another gig. With “Talk Like a Pirate Day” just around the corner they chose to have a bit of a pirate theme.

Pirate Theme

“Talk Like a Pirate Day” isn’t actually until September 19. In true pirate fashion somebody must have gotten confused but any excuse will do.

There was a three band lineup and I just missed the first one due to work commitments. On my way back from the dark sector I heard a lot of hooting and shouting. Some of the people that don’t get out much ventured onto the observation deck just outside the concert venue and for the first time saw the orange glow of the returning sun on the horizon. A welcome sight indeed.

The new formed Irish band “The Scroggin’ Wankers” had its much celebrated debut. Depressing or drunken Irish songs just hit the winter-over mood at this time of the year. Not sure why :-)

South Pole Musicians Andy and Tim

South Pole Musicians Andy and Adit

South Pole Musician Andy

South Pole Musicians Andy

Crowd surfing

The crowd is going wild

We hit -99.9°F recently, not quite enough for an attempt to become a 300 club member.

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