Polestock 2008

It is the last weekend of the month and once again time for a “long” weekend. Most people in the real world would call it a normal weekend but folks down here normally don’t get Saturdays off.

Yesterday Polestock 2008 came to town. We are fortunate enough to have many gifted musicians with us this year and a number of bands have formed and been busy practicing for the event. A stage was built in the gym, lights were setup, a bar was dragged in, and a lounge area was setup. For some reason the event started already at 5pm, quite early for my night schedule. I couldn’t have a drink because I still had to go to work. Everyone around me seemed to be well lubricated, though. The bands were all good and definitely could be enjoyed sober.

Sunday, on the other hand, was pretty quiet. Many people were probably nursing a bit of a hangover. There is an advantage to not being able to drink :-)

Below are some pictures I took of the event:

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Check out the flyers for Polestock:

Polestock 2008: The Flyers
Polestock 2008: Image 1 Polestock 2008: Image 2 Polestock 2008: Image 3
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