Living in the Shadow of the Moon-Dog

I have been in touch with some friends from the 2001 winter to raise some money for Trapper’s Autism Assistance assistance dog.  Through them I became aware that Paul Daniels’ South Pole movie is out. I did know about it (I gave him a release last year), but I had not actually seen it.

Paul has a web presence on MySpace. Just be aware that, at least in my browser, the page looks very messed up to the point of being unreadable.

For your viewing pleasure I included a short clip from the movie “Living in the Shadow of the Moon-Dog” after the jump. There are two more clips on Youtube.

The movie has been six years in the making. I know only too well how these things go. I always just end up selling the footage and let the pros edit it. So, I’m definitely tipping my hat to Paul. Enjoy and thanks Paul.

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