South Pole Adventurers in the Off Season

Some of the adventurers we have seen here at the South Pole have made headlines recently up North.

The Indian Navy team, holding the award for “Funniest Ever Expedition Talk at the South Pole”, made it to the North Pole. Congratulations! Three on the team have now finished their Three-Pole challenge, going to the top of Everest, the South Pole, and the North Pole. The talk they gave after arriving at the South Pole in December 2006 was a tough assignment. They followed the British military team’s talk, who had skied in all the way and arrived shortly before the Indian team, which had “only” skied 125 miles (the “last-two-degrees”). Jaded Polies can be a tough crowd. However, they pulled it off by concentrating on the motivational aspect for the Indian public and making frequent references to just following the smell of the British. We also learned that Air India “is funny airline. It never just flies from A to B, they always most go via C and have a stop at D”. It was all in good humor and everyone had a got time.

Hannah McKeand, record holder for the fastest trip to the South Pole in 39 days and a bit, was not so lucky in the Arctic. She had to be airlifted after she fell into a eight feet deep snow hole at N 83 41.615 W 074 38.168. She wrenched her left leg, hurt her lower back and left shoulder. Get better soon Hannah!

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