Ping Pong Easter

Over the years Easter has been celebrated, or not, very differently at the South Pole. One year we had a Tyvek suit bunny hiding eggs, followed by an elaborate egg hunt. We wound up finding rotten eggs months, even years, later. In another year we had a failed attempt to dye eggs by a certain individual with the excuse that “Mom never told me that you have to use hot water”. OK, the eggs being oiled doesn’t help either. Some of us walked around with red and blue fingers for a few days. Well, and in other years we just ignored Easter or forgot about it. It’s not a day off down here.

I certainly forgot about Easter this year, going as far as asking somebody in New Zealand why a payment had not shown up in my account. When she told me it was a holiday I asked what crazy Kiwi holiday that would be.

On my way out to work I noticed a lot of ping pong balls. I still didn’t make the connection until I found a little bunny keeping a watchful eye on a ping pong ball. No eggs were harmed during the Easter celebration at the South Pole.

Easter Ping Pong Ball Hunt
The Easter Bunny is Keeping a Watchful Eye on a Ping Pong Ball Water Fountain Clipboard
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