Flag Lines

Another step in preparing for the long dark winter is to install flag lines to all the outlying buildings. After Dana and I searched our schedules, it turned out, between him working days and me working nights, various cleaning activities, and his Station Science Leader activities, we had to do it Sunday morning.

We loaded up the sledge with flags and got going, taking turns between drilling holes in the compacted snow and distributing flags from the snow mobile.
A sledge full of flags

I’m sure the rest of the Station was critiquing our work from the windows in the Galley while they had brunch. Somehow the line never turns out straight.
Dana doing all the work while I'm the artiste

It took us a couple of hours to knock out the one kilometer out to DSL.

Your's truly in action

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2 Responses to “Flag Lines”

  1. iceman
    February 29th, 2008 15:55

    don’t get lost :)

  2. steffen
    March 1st, 2008 02:48

    Enjoy the the Osprey Reef. Don’t forget to watch the stars. Ah, the good times in 2000 …

    Made me quit my job, though :-)