Mountains of Laundry

All the summer tourist have no choice but to leave their used sheets and blankets behind and it falls to the winter crew to do the laundry. Our washing machines have been going nonstop since Station closing and it has been a community project to get it all done. Every time you go by the laundry room you just toss a load in or fold some sheets and blankets. The washing machines are going nonstop

Mountains of laundry

Unfortunately the resource planning was a little more accurate this year and we didn’t get to take extra long showers.

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3 Responses to “Mountains of Laundry”

  1. Aaron
    February 26th, 2008 07:23

    So are these sheets recycled for other persons or they just hang out until their original owners return?

  2. mary kurtz
    February 26th, 2008 07:54

    why didn’t the summer folk have these done for you when you arrived?
    mary 2/25 1:15 p.m. pennsylvania

  3. steffen
    February 26th, 2008 20:59

    I certainly had clean sheets waiting for me when I arrived. It is just not practical to wash the sheets before you leave. The departure time can change any minute and it is more efficient to get a big load done

    These sheets will be put back into circulation after they have been washed. Very few folks bring their own sheets.