South Pole Telescope in the News

The Oklahoman is running a piece on the South Pole Telescope (SPT) today (Feb 19 in the US) in their science section. They have a short video discussing the article:

Right now they only have a teaser up, but stay tuned for the full article after the print edition is out. Hopefully, it will be a bit more informative than this article or this news group posting.

SPT is our next door neighbor and we share the same building, the Dark Sector Lab (DSL). They had first light last year and a really successful first season. The huge primary mirror is an instant South Pole landmark. People tend to overlook our tiny (in comparison) BICEP ground shield on the roof of DSL. But hey, as Cynthia says: “Small on the ground, big in the sky”. They have gotten a lot of press coverage and one of the better articles was in the Chicago Tribune at the end of last year.

They have been busy upgrading the receiver this year and are primed for an even better season. One of their winter-overs, Dana Hrubes, is an old South Pole hand and I am glad I get a chance to spend a third winter with him.

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