Life of Team BICEP is never dull. After fixing some issues after the latest power outage we were in a celebratory mood and paid the hardworking SPT gang a visit.

Team BICEP: Yuki, Cynthia, and I

All of us got really exited about using the “Men Lift” to go up to the receiver cabin.

Yuki in the "Men Lift"

Cynthia next to the receiver cryostat

At one point I counted seven of us up there, while Tom was actually trying to get some work done.

Since it was Yuki’s last day we decided to get a tour of ARO. I haven’t been over there in years. On the way in we stopped at the Ladies Powder Room.

Team BICEP, always ready to strike (courtesy of Cynthia)

Later we got a chance to fill some sample flasks with the cleanest air on Earth.

Sealing a flask with the cleanest air on Earth

During the tour I spotted a pair of halo watching glasses and gave them to Cynthia to try. In retrospect I am not sure if they weren’t just the latest incarnation of the toast meter.

Cynthia is trying the halo glasses

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