Solar Eclipse

Today we had a partial solar eclipse with 79.7% coverage. Not nearly as exiting the total eclipse I watched several years ago. It doesn’t get dark and there are no animals here that can go crazy. The most noticeable effect was a temperature drop of 5°C at the maximum.

I know the picture is not very exiting but I add it for completeness anyway.

Solar Eclipse

Yuki had great fun watching the eclipse through and with all kinds of implements. Shown here is the version with the proper eclipse goggles.

Yuki watching the eclipse

Update: The temperature didn’t drop quite 5°C. It went from -44.5 °C / -48.1 °F down to -47.8 °C / -54.0 °F.

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One Response to “Solar Eclipse”

  1. Aaron
    February 13th, 2008 07:55

    I’m scratching my head wondering why you have to have a particular set of goggles to view a lunar eclipse (because I thought that’s what it was by the pic) until I went back and read the post. :)