Mardi Gras

South Pole had its very own Mardi Gras on the day of my arrival, complete with the shortest, coldest, windiest, and driest parade on earth.

I always take it easy on the day of my arrival. The high altitude does take its toll and after a trip out to BICEP I could barely keep my eyes open after dinner. I’m glad I made the effort to see the parade. We had a few floats and a crowd to sheer them on.

Mardi Gras
South Pole's very own Mardi Gras parade. The Carp Crew Float. Gotta be tough if you're gonna be stupid!
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One Response to “Mardi Gras”

  1. Aaron
    February 13th, 2008 07:56

    Gotta be tough if you’re gonna be stupid… I’ve heard that a time or two.

    (It didn’t include running around mostly nekkid in the snow, though.)