Back Again

All good things must come to an end. After spending the last two and a half months traveling around the world, I arrived back at the South Pole today. I immensely enjoyed my time off. The trip took me around the world with scuba diving stops in Fiji and the Philippines, a family visit in Germany and a couple of days of shopping in Hong Kong.

It was a very smooth ride to the Pole. Leaving Christchurch on a C-17 for McMurdo and jumping on an LC-130 the next day for the trip to the Pole. No delays at all, just enough time in McMurdo to catch up with some friends.

Back Again: Going back to the South Pole for my 6th winter.
Checkin for our flight to McMurdo Getting off the C-17 in McMurdo The old fire truck and some curious Kiwis welcome us in McMurdo
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All is well at the Pole. Summer-over Yuki and the other BICEP collaborators have taken good care of BICEP and we are ready for our third observing season. Quite a few changes around the Station, most notably the siding has gone up around large parts of the New Station. I’ll report on the summer construction activity later.

For now I am just happy to be back and I’ll call it a night.

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One Response to “Back Again”

  1. mary kurtz
    February 23rd, 2008 07:48

    i am so fasincated with the south pole … i log on to this site everyday just to see the weather…
    if i had to do it all over in life i would have figured a way to get to the south pole and stay a winter or two..