Stuck At The Other End

After a whole week without flights “departing” winter-overs are getting desperate at the South Pole. I am sure Father John and the Archbishop of New Zealand send a prayer every day, as they are just as desperate as everyone else to get out. So far to no avail.

Meanwhile, things at the McMurdo end are much worse than I thought. During our weekly teleconference I learned that the ice cream machine in McMurdo is broken! I know from experience what a huge impact it has on morale. Several years ago I was in McMurdo for a week of R&R. A huge group of my IceCube colleagues got stuck there at the same time. Most of them where able to hang in there and have semi coherent conversations until that one fateful day old Frostyboy broke. It was truly tragic to see the Northbound Cubers go over the edge.

Team BICEP on the other hand seems to be in good spirit, even after being stuck in McMurdo for five days. Today they send me this comic:

Team BICEP 1

Team BICEP 2

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