Weather Delays

Another group of winter-overs is about to leave and the weather hasn’t been cooperating. Yesterday we had more than 20 knt winds and the visibility was pretty bad.

A lone researcher is making his way back to the Station.

Today it looks much better here, but things aren’t that great in McMurdo and the forecast isn’t that good for South Pole either. The first flight of the day is already canceled and the others keep getting delayed.

The flight schedules isn't looking too good.

We’ll see how the toasty winter-overs will deal with more delays. I’m just glad I am not leaving yet.

Update:All flights got canceled until Monday. [tags]South Pole, Antarctica, LC-130, Weather[/tags]

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One Response to “Weather Delays”

  1. Kari
    October 22nd, 2008 10:17

    I am looking to get a picture and a small inexpensive token from each continent for a Christmas present – We have draw names in our family and have a theme of “Around the World” – I am wondering if your willing to take a picture with a landmark/Scenery from Antarctica in the background and a note that says “Merry Christmas Kelly, from _______(whom is in the picture and where the picture is taken) – Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Kari