The World’s Southernmost Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest pretzels

The world’s southernmost Oktoberfest took place this Saturday. Robert, our resident Bavarian, made some original Oktoberfest pretzels and this is one of the years where we actually have some beer left. The galley was decked out with Bavarian flags and the table setting even included blue and white paper napkins, imported from Bavaria. Everyone had to suffer through the German music, which was a bad mix of traditional Oktoberfest music and 80s songs. It started to sound better with more beer, as it should. The shout outs where spelled out on the place mats and we got a lot of practice, although some came up with alternative versions.

South Pole Oktoberfest
Are they German or not? Everybody is going along with the Oktoberfest music. German beer glass vs. American beer glass
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