The South Pole Day SPA

South Pole Day Spa

The Station is preparing for winter and the Summer Camp is closing down. Today we got the official word that we can use all the remaining water in the Ice Palace. The last plane left a little earlier than anticipated. So I guess there was some extra water.

Normally we follow the “Two minute showers twice a week” rule. So this sounded too good to be true. I made the track out to Summer Camp at two in the morning and took a loooooong shower. Probably the longest shower in South Pole history. Well, maybe not counting Jerry Nielsen.

The Ice Palace is a strange place. It looks like a campground bathroom combined with an industrial site. It does have big windows. So I could sit inside after my shower and stare at the frozen landscape outside. Minus 55° and not a soul to be seen. Very relaxing.

The South Pole Day SPA
Just today, the South Pole Day SPA is in the Ice Palace The Ice Palace has the ambiance of a campground bathroom, combined with an industrial site. Today though, it is the most luxurious place on the planet. Normally the puppies enforce a two minute shower. Not today!
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