Baja Antarctica

It is nice to see that this year we got a huge supply of beverages for the winter. For some reason the Antarctic Program uses the code word Baja (don’t tell anyone) for beverage delivery. So today was the day we moved all “Baja” into the Station. A grand total of 45,000 lbs. There is the slight problem that the elevator and the hoist just don’t work and even if the hoist did work, there is no way of lifting anything to the first floor. So we just have to carry everything up. The logistics folks did a really good job of getting everything organized and it all went very smoothly and fast.

Interestingly, one of my colleagues pointed out that this amounts to 3.5 lbs per person per day for the winter. I don’t think I can handle that.

Baja Antarctica
Unpacking the pallet at the bottom of the stairs. Even Heidi gets out of breath. Paul and Derek contemplating the beverage situation.
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