The New Zealand Prime Minister Visits South Pole

A few times a year we get some distinguished visitors. This time it was the New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, accompanied by the American Ambassador to New Zealand and the Director of the National Science Foundation. She is in Antarctica to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Scott Base, New Zealand’s Antarctic research station. The station was established by Sir Edmund Hillary in 1957. Unfortunately Sir Ed couldn’t make the trip to the Pole.

The Prime Minister just knew what to bring and a box of fresh sherries made her an instant hit with the lunch crowd. It is not often that you see the Prime Minister of a country waiting in the lunch line right next to you.

She later came out to tour the telescope I am working on and didn’t mind posing for the BICEP paparazzi.

Helen Clark Visits BICEP
Just off the plane Helen Clark is being welcomed by the National Science Foundation representative. John is explaining the telescopes.
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