Christmas at the South Pole

Another Christmas at the South Pole. This is a great place to be for the Holiday Season. A White Christmas is guaranteed, I don’t have to listen to Christmas songs on the radio in endless repeat and there is no shopping. To quote Station Manager BK Grant: “Here is to a Christmas without shopping malls and traffic”.

In preparation for the big Christmas dinner people get together to bake cookies and pies, clean and cut vegetables, and set the tables. I think our Christmas dinners are a bit rowdier than you average family gathering, as evidenced in the pictures.

South Pole: Christmas Dinner
Christmas Angels. Feeding the masses. Pie, anyone?
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Team BICEP gathered to watch Hei├čer Sommer, a 1968 East German musical movie. This is probably one of the weirdest movies out there and it has its cult following. Only problem seems to be, that some of my BICEP colleagues can’t get the tunes out of their heads.

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