Antonov Biplane Bubble Panorama

The Antonov Biplane was left behind by a stranded Russian expedition in 2001. The Russian members of the expedition were flown out to McMurdo and then Christchurch by the United States Antarctic Program. Nationals of other countries where rescued by Adventure Network International. It is rumored to have cost them US$ 25,000 a head. The Russians promised to come back and fix it, but it is still sitting on the Berms.

This was supposed to be a publicity stunt for the company that does convert the old AN-2 to a new engine, showing off how reliable these machines are. That went well :-)

Please click on the image below to view the panorama:
Click on the image to view the panorama
Temperature: -66.7°C / -88.1°F, Windchill: -89.1°C / -128.3°F, Wind: E (86.1°) at 10.5 knt
Date: 2003-09-26 03:37:17 UTC

Scott Smith’s account on how we ended up with a Russian airplane seems pretty close to my take on the story.

Update 2005: Some deal was reached this year. Eight Russians came and fixed the plane for a week over Christmas. In return the Russians provided icebreaker support for McMurdo. The plane was flown to McMurdo and sent by ship from there.

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  1. Dennid
    November 8th, 2009 13:02

    This is a very great plane. I was flown bevor 2 years and it was a dream.
    Best greetings from rainy Germany