Dark Sector Bubble Panorama

A view of the South Pole Dark Sector. The Martin A. Pomerantz (MAPO) building is in the center. The DASI telescope (to the left of the sun) and the VIPER telescope (to the right of the sun) are connected to MAPO. The building also houses the AMANDA detector electronics. The 19 AMANDA holes are around MAPO. Building 61, a transformer and emergency generator building, can be seen in front of MAPO, to the right of the sun. To the left of the sun is the AST/RO telescope building. The new Dark Sector Lab (DSL) can be seen in the distance at the VIPER end of MAPO. DSL will house the new 10m telescope.

Please click on the image below to view the panorama:
Click on the image to view the panorama
Temperature: -65.2°C / -85.4°F, Windchill: -82.2°C / -116.0°F, Wind: E (89.5°) at 6.1 knt
Date: 2003-09-25 00:20:43 UTC

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