New Year’s Eve South Pole Style

Homer's invitation. Even Matt Groening thought it is funny to celebrate two days early.

At the South Pole we are used to the fact that we can celebrate New Year as the first people in the world, and that we can celebrate 24 hours. But this year we beat the crowds by two days!

Most holidays at the Pole are moved to a Saturday to get as many workdays out of a summer season as possible. Most of us don’t have a problem with this, but this year somebody thought he was really smart and moved the one and only holiday that should not be moved: New Year’s Day. Talk about pushing a bit too hard …

Well, a party is a party and we had a good crowd in the garage for the New Year’s Eve celebration on December 29. With live music by the South Pole all time favorites Thunderjug and The Jugettes everybody had a good time. Later that night Gary Glitter made a special appearance for one song only.

At midnight we had the usual countdown and people would greet each other with “Happy 30th December”. I’m sure there will be another party on December 31 …

NewYear's Eve Party: Dance like crazy.
South Pole Dance Shoes The Jugettes Gary Glitter and one of his devoted fans.
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